"My information technology company has collaborated with her company, Caldwell Management Solutions, on a number of business opportunities. Not only did she lead our collaboration to business success, but she also managed to take control of, and manage our individual skill sets effectively. Loretta is an independent, self-directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges comfortably. During the three years I have known her, her methods have improved the operation of each company in our collaborative. She is a honest, caring individual who is an extremely valuable asset."

May 25, 2012
Jan T. Harris, President and CEO, Creative Techniques, LLC


Welcome to Caldwell and Associates, Inc.


To be recognized for the excellent templates in leadership, management and capacity building services designed for organizations that want to embrace ‘CHANGE’.


  • To assist organizations to be the standard by which others will be measured
  • To develop long term relationships with our clients by earning their confidence and consistently exceeding their expectations and requirements

Regardless of the focus of your organization, how is the leadership and management culture?
How do you and your team govern? Are you a servant leader or a self-serving leader? Will others be led by you?

Allow Caldwell and Associates to transform your organization, locally and globally, through sound leadership and management practices.